I have enjoyed watching baseball for as long as I can remember, when I start playing fantasy baseball my love for the game only increased. When I was growing up I never had a reason to care about teams that didn't play around me, but now I care about every game. There are top players in very MLB game that makes an impact on the fantasy baseball season, so now every game matters. OK, enough about my love for the game, here are my top players for this years Fantasy Baseball season.


  • 1

    Mike Trout

    The best player in the game right now!
  • 2

    Corey Seager

    Young, talented SS for the Dodgers
  • 3

    Jake Arrieta

    Cy Young award winner for the Cubs
  • 4

    Jacob deGrom

    Incredible SP for the Mets
  • 5

    Freddie Freeman

    Hard hitting 1st baseman for the Braves

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