I recently found a stash of Halloween candy from five years ago. Most of the salt-water taffies were fossilized and the hard candies threatened to break my teeth. My Halloween experience is typical. Halloween is synonymous with trick-or-treating and accumulating obscene amounts of candy. It's a time that gives dentists job security. It's a unique ritual where kids (and adults) can pretend to be someone else, knock on the doors of people they don't know, and receive sugary treats.

No matter where you decide to go trick-or-treating in Missoula this Halloween, you can't really go wrong. Every neighborhood has great decorations, witches, warlocks, jack-o-lanterns, and plenty of candy. Missoula is a safe city filled with great people that really go all out for the holidays. Here are some great neighborhoods in Missoula to go trick-or-treating. Oh, and don't forget to brush your teeth. Nobody likes cavities!


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    The Rattlesnake

    The Rattlesnake is beautiful all year round. However, the dense growth of cottonwoods and other deciduous trees down by Rattlesnake Creek makes it especially  beautiful in the fall. Mount Jumbo looms overhead, and Tom Green Park offers a lovely trail and access to the creek. It's especially beautiful in October when there's a little nip to the air and all the leaves down by the creek blaze orange and red. Once you get off Rattlesnake Road there's a maze of walker-friendly streets with little traffic. You might find yourself wondering: "What's that rustling noise? Was that the creek or did that scarecrow just move?"

    Rattlesnake Creek sits beside a trail in Tom Green Park. Photo courtesy of Katie@!/Flickr.
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    Grant Creek

    Grant Creek, like the Rattlesnake, is a heavily forested and secluded area. There are few things spookier than walking through a forested area like Grant Creek on Halloween. If you're looking for a little fright, Grant Creek is the place for you. It's a little bit off the beaten path, but it's definitely worth it if you're looking for a Halloween adventure.

    The beautiful Grant Creek area is north of Missoula. Photo courtesy of nfg25/Flickr.
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    University District

    The neighborhood between Arthur and South Higgins has some of Missoula's oldest (and possibly haunted) homes. The University District will likely be host to a few Halloween parties, so be prepared for crazy college kids. Many of the houses in the University District don't have driveways. What does this mean? Less time  between the sidewalk and the front door, and more time filling your pillowcase with goodies.


    The University District is very walker friendly. Photo courtesy of Maya H/Flickr
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    South Hills

    The South Hills has some of the best views in Missoula. Fall is arguably the most beautiful time of the year. Put these together and you'll understand why the South Hills is a great place to trick-or-treat. Not to mention you'll burn a ton of calories climbing those steep hills, which means you can eat more candy.

    Big sky and big candy bars go together. Photo courtesy of Prizrak2084/Flickr.
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    Orchard Homes

    Orchard Homes is a sprawling, open neighborhood that feels rural, but is surprisingly close to Missoula. You'll get a better view of the sky out in Orchard Homes because it's not so close to Mount Sentinel and Mount Jumbo. Not to mention the Missoula Maze is just around the corner!


    Orchard Homes is far away from Mt. Sentinel and Mt. Jumbo so the sky appears much bigger. Photo courtesy of ewitch/Flickr.