One of my biggest worst habits is eating late at night. I love munching on just about anything before going to bed but I know I shouldn't. Almost everyone wants to lose weight and late night snacking can completely derail any diet, so here is a list of five snacks you can eat late without feeling overwhelmed with guilt.

1. Popcorn Without the movie theatre butter and oil one serving of popcorn is low in calories. Also popcorn has whole grains and fiber to keep you feeling full.

2. Cherries The melatonin in cherries not only help you fall asleep faster but also tart cherry juice has been linked to helping insomnia in some cases.

3. Almonds Protein, fiber and magnesium are found in almonds which automatically makes them a healthy choice. Also they are being sold now in portion sized pouches or containers which really helps me with portion control.

4. Frozen Yogurt Bars The low-fat ice cream bars and Greek yogurt bars have really stepped up their game and they are almost all delicious. You need to be careful you don't grab the chocolate and caramel filled ones but for people that craze sweets this is a great alternative.

5. Cheese and crackers Protein and carbohydrates are packed in this late night snack. Make sure you grab whole grain crackers and low-fat cheese or this snack can hurt your dieting efforts.

Remember these snacks are your best choice if you can't resist a late night snack like me. Don't forget you have to use portion control, so eating a movie theatre sized bucket of popcorn right before bed is not a good choice.