My kids are constantly telling me they are bored in the summer. They always want something to do. I always have plenty of chores for them to do but they don’t seem to want to do them for some reason. Over the years I’ve come up with a few things to do with my boys to keep them busy during the summer.


  • Bike the Hiawatha Trail

    Located at Look Out Pass on the border of Montana and Idaho sits a 13 mile-long old scenic railroad trail that contains eight tunnels and seven train trestles. A 1.7 percent downhill grade and a bus that shuttles your bike back to the top make this a great ride to do as a family. For those who are more adventurous, you can always choose to bike back to the top of the trail.

  • Camp out in the backyard

    My boys love sleeping in a tent. We don’t even have to pack everything up, drive for hours, unpack everything and then sleep in the woods for days. All my kids need is a tent and sleeping bags and they will sleep outside for days. When my boys were younger, my husband would camp out with them and the dogs and I got to have the king sized bed all to myself.

  • Go fishing

    The great thing about kids is that size doesn’t matter. As long as you can find a little hole where the fish are biting, your kids will be thrilled to catch even a minnow. The more bites they can get on their little poles, the more exciting it is for them. My favorite thing about fishing when I was a kid were the fruit flavored, colored marshmallows we used for bait. Kids and fish love them.

  • Catch bugs

    This is not one of my favorite activities to do with my bare hands, but my boys love it. However, I will participate as long as I have a net. I do make a great cheerleader for my kids, though. It’s amazing how a few creepy crawlies can fascinate kids.