Leo H. Green, 19, appeared in Missoula District Court on Thursday morning before Judge John Larson and received a 10-year sentence with the Department of Corrections with 5 years suspended for the rape of a 13 year-old girl in 2012.

Green's attorney, Paul Ryan of Missoula, said the now 19 year-old may not actually see any time in prison.

"There's a mandatory minimum of prison time in these particular charges, but there are exceptions that can happen if we can do some sort of community-based treatment, which he was granted, basically," Ryan said. "For somebody like Leo who has very limited resources, he can receive alcohol treatment services that are paid for, and there are sexual offender treatment programs that are available. The Department of Corrections will make the decision as to where he will go,"

Ryan said his client took responsibility before the judge for what happened when Green, a 19 year-old woman and the 13 year old victim became involved in a sexual situation. Ryan said Green's youth may have played a part in the judge's decison, as well.

"Leo acknowledged that he was the adult in the situation, and he should have made a better decision," Ryan said. "When you have a 13 year-old, they're already immature, and when she's consumed alcohol, it puts her at an even greater disadvantage. When you're an adult you have to make better decisions, not just for yourself, but for young kids, as well."

Ryan said the judge was clear with his client that complying with the terms of his placement with the Department of Corrections was vital to keep from going to the Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge.

"He (Judge Larson) did comment that Leo had some previous issues with probation, and he made it very clear that he has to do that or he will be sent to prison," Ryan concluded. "I think this is his last opportunity to make things right, or he will be incarcerated."

Attorney at Law Paul Ryan