Last Friday, we got a phone call on the Zoo FM request line from a young Missoula girl that wanted to sing for us. It's not often we are considered to be a destination for auditioning certain talents, usually the request line is just that...a line for listeners to make a song request. So, of course we said "yes!"

As it turns out, the girl named Maggie Coronel hasn't auditioned for anything in her life! This was her first time trying to bring her voice out for the world to hear. We consider that a big honor for us to be one of the first to hear her perform.

This 11 year old from Chief Charlo Middle School and with no formal training just belted it out right there on the phone! We were very impressed. And far be it for us to limit her potential, we asked her to come in and record a little something on our sound stage.

Now granted, she was a little spooked out. This was her first time in a radio station, let alone in front of a camera! Still, for a young girl with very little training, and at such a young age, we can't help but think that we have a beautiful diamond in the rough that just might need a little polishing. Give her just a few years, and the right direction....and LOOK OUT!

We will be keeping an eye on this girl. Go, Maggie!