The Internet is buzzing over an outrageous bar tab from the Cavalli Club, a fancy bar at the Fairmont Hotel in Dubai. The bill, dated at 3:19 a.m. on Monday, totals up to $105,000, and only includes drinks and a slice of birthday cake. What's perhaps more shocking is such tabs are fairly commonplace at the club, according to their operations manager.

The name of the big spender and his nationality were not released, but we do know what was on the bill.

  • One six liter bottle of Cristal Champagne -- $35,000
  • Two two-liter bottles of Cristal for $19,000
  • 13 Bottles of Roederer Cristal for $23,000 (or about $1,800 each).
  • 24 Diet Cokes at $6 each.
  • 10 Red Bulls at $7.80 each
  • One three-liter bottle of Cavalli vodka at $1,341.
  • Four bottles of Chivas for $1,181
  • One slice of cake, the bargain of the night, coming in at only $32.

Source: The Wall Street Journal