Missoula, it's cold outside! Ok. Not as cold as the others suffering from the so-called Polar Vortex across the states, but it's still too chilly to step outside! What to do? What to do?

Here's some fun tips.

1. Order take out- I love that Jimmy John's opened in my neighborhood off Reserve Street. They deliver sandwiches, which frankly, I'm glad they did because I was getting kinda sick of pizza. Just don't forget to tip the driver who went out of their way in the cold to deliver!

2. Take the kids to an indoor fun spot - Here's my top 5 places to take the children in Missoula during the winter.

3. Roam the Southgate Mall. Window shop! Maybe warm up with a latte at the Caffe Dolce?

4. Reorganize the furniture in the house - Spring cleaning! Just a few months earlier... Remember to drop off your unneeded stuff at places like Secret Seconds, Goodwill on Reserve or Runway Fashion Exchange.

5. Start a blog - Hey, look! I did! Heck, it's kept my brain from going crazy. Cabin fever, be gone!

6. Make a wall collage - Hit up Memory Lane Scrapbooking on Higgins.

7. Stream and jam out in your living room to your favorite Missoula radio station. Cough...AHEM...cough.

8. One word. Carmike.

9. Play video games. Me? I just went to the pawn shop and picked up a used Xbox 360 at First Interstate Pawn. Those games are SUPER cheap now! I just started doing online gaming. It's fun to play with friends across town when we can't be outside instead. (gamer tag: talldj1075)

10. ... Actually... I lied. I'm out of ideas. Add some below in the comment section.

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