Spring has officially arrived in Missoula. While you're thinking that that is fantastic news, we have even more reasons why you should get all the more excited about spring in Missoula.

1) Does it get any more exciting than to be at Splash Montana rubbing Coppertone between your wife's neck folds?

2) The longer the day in Caras Park, the longer your youngsters keep outside. The longer your youngsters keep outside in Caras Park, the less time you have got to spend money on them at the Southgate Mall.

3) You're sick and bored with winter in Montana . . . and sharp boogers.

4) You make fun of Southern Californians., because they just about froze to death throughout another BRUTAL 64-degree winter.

5) Beautiful flowers in bloom take your mind off the hangover you achieved after tossing back a few too many at Stocks.

6) Now it's kinda, SORTA tacky to wear your pastel Crocs while shopping the Hip Strip.

7) Nothing is more life-affirming than observing psycho-neurotic Bobcats fans become unsafe once their team gets mathematically eliminated just a few weeks into the season.

8) You're Mount Sentinel climber status is officially achieved once again after a long winter. . . thereforeyou currently get to use your free time rolling the bottoms of your jeans for max cankle-cooling.

9) Spring means that the annual Easter egg hunt on campus is arriving soon. And Easter means that Peeps-induced hypoglycemic highs are fully expected.

10) Only 2 additional weeks till Rockin' Rudy's rips off the bulging stacks of crumpled flyers off their parking posts.

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