Apparently there's gonna be a mass exodus of celebrities here in the United States. All these celebs talked the talk about moving to places like Canada or the great unknown if Donald Trump won the presidency.

Well, as of this morning DT is now President DT.

So I guess we'll see who will actually do what they threatened.

Will you miss them?



  • 1


    "I'm moving to Jupiter."

  • 2

    Miley Cyrus

    "I am moving if he is president."

  • 3


    "I already told you what I'm doing if he becomes president. I am moving to Canada. Straight away. Me and Drake gon [sic] be neighbors if Donald Trump becomes president."

  • 4

    Amy Schumer

    Amy Schumer mentioned that she would move to Spain if Trump became president.

  • 5

    Chelsea Handler

    "I did buy a house in another country just in case."

  • 6

    Jon Stewart

    "[I am] getting in a rocket and going to another planet, because clearly this planet's gone bonkers."

  • 7

    George Lopez

    "If he wins, he won't have to worry about immigration. We'll all go back."

  • 8

    Whoopi Goldberg

    "Maybe it's time for me to move, you know. I can afford to go."

  • 9

    Armie Hammer

    "I would move to the Caribbean and start a jet ski rental business."

  • 10


    "My confession for this election is if any Republican gets nominated, I'm gonna move to Canada with my entire family. I already have my ticket."